Work site Benefits

Attracting better employees and building employee loyalty.

Each employee will receive 2 GIFT benefits
(NO COST) just for allowing us to meet

Medical services discount card that will give access to a nationwide network of providers and will save 10-85% off on Vision and hearing, prescription drugs and Chiropractic care.

No cost Accidental death coverage of $3,000 for each employee, $3,000 for their spouse and $1,000 for each child.

We work with your employees to evaluate and educate them on what their needs are.


cannot be cancelled or taken away once issued as long as premiums are paid; intended to be for life


when a staff member retires or otherwise moves on their benefits go with them; the rates remain the same


as an IRS Section 125 plan, all premiums are paid pretax, saving the employee on federal income taxes and reducing the business’ payroll taxes

  • May be modified each year
  • Paid directly to employee or beneficiaries, regardless of other coverage
  • Most have family and single parent coverage available

5 most popular Policies

GROUP TERM LIFE to age 100

  • Term Insurance to 100 - "term for life"
  • Great uni-sex rates
  • Only available to full time employees in a qualified group, once purchased it is permanent and portable, with no changes in coverage or rates upon separation from service
  • First year: $100,000 maximum coverage; after first year: $250,000 limit


  • Probably the best cancer policy available anywhere
  • Coverage recognizes that cancer has a long recovery process (typically 5 years) and is designed to help avoid its financial devastation
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Will pay thousands of dollars in the event of cancer
  • Will never be cancelled, even after a diagnosis of cancer
  • Covers multiple occurrences of cancer with no lifetime limits


  • Pays a cash benefit (from $10,000 to $50,000) on first diagnosis of cancer
  • Often purchased to supplement Cancer Endurance policy


  • 24/7 coverage for any accident that results in emergency room service ($500) or hospitalization ($1,000 + $125/day)
  • Family or individual plan
  • Rates are not health or age rated - $3 per week for individual coverage for all ages


  • Covers major illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and organ transplant
  • Provides lump sum payment (from $10,000 to $50,000) on first diagnosis of a covered illness

ALL 5 of the above policies combined (and 2 gift benefits) start at LESS than $10 a week for an average employee.

To qualify for the group rates your Business only needs 5 Full time employees (28 hours a week or more) and be willing to do payroll deductions to take advantage of the PreTax rates. (This will save the business and the employees on payroll taxes) Don’t have 5+ employees? We can still provide individual benefits (just with out the group rates)

3Bux has a South Carolina state licensed agent on staff ready to help your business and employees get coverage right away. Fill out the form below to set a no obligation appointment.

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